Temporary employment agency in Slovakia

Innovative approach is an integral part of our thinking when developing our future services and constantly improving the existing ones – while flexibly responding to our clients’ needs. We acknowledge the need of employers to manage their workforce more effectively. Therefore, we offer our service of a licensed temporary employment agency in Slovakia.

We find the best candidates in Slovakia and give them our know-how

Accace Slovakia employs more than 120 experts in the field of accounting, payroll and HR administration, tax, corporate and legal advisory. Thus, it belongs to our daily routine to look for, select and train the most suitable experts for our own teams – as well as for the teams of our clients.

How does it work?

We analyse your requirements

We take care of the selection of the suitable candidates

We evaluate and choose the best match for your team

We provide all the necessary professional trainings to the new employee

We assign the employee to you for temporary work

We provide the employee with ongoing and extraordinary trainings in the field of HR, payroll, tax or accounting during their assignment

What is a temporary employment agency?

A temporary employment agency or temporary assignment of employees is an effective form of managing and allocating workforce. It allows companies to operate in various sectors, from SCC to manufacturing, while onboarding new resources without increasing their payroll or staff capacities. This may occur when a company needs to increase their staff capacities for a limited period of time or to temporarily replace an employee due to sick leave, maternity leave or any other absence.

The employment relationship with the employee is concluded by the agency, while the payroll is also managed and processed by the agency. The employee is temporarily assigned to the company and performs the job based on the assignment and instructions given by the company.

What are the benefits of temporary assignment?

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility and continuity
  • Reliability
  • Personnel cost savings
  • Minimum administration of payroll agenda

Imagine having no responsibilities and administrative burden when finding, selecting and training new team members – a task, that you are probably busy with on a ongoing basis. Ultimately, outsourcing this agenda saves your time and resources, allowing you to focus on core tasks. These and even more benefits are delivered to you by our services of the temporary employment agency in Slovakia.

Why to choose Accace for a temporary employment agency in Slovakia?

We care about the assigned employees as much as we do about our own. We will effectively find the best-quality candidates for you. They will undergo a selection process and they will receive ongoing trainings in the field of HR, taxes, accounting or any other area during the entire period of their assignment in your organization.

We are ready to fill in the following vacancies in your teams

  • HR management, payroll and HR administration teams
  • Finance and accounting teams
  • Tax teams
  • Administration and back-office teams