Tax advisory and tax compliance services in Slovakia

Meet your tax and reporting obligations while benefiting from our deep knowledge and best practices that fit with the Slovak regulation frameworks – in order to stay compliant with all requirements, mitigate your tax risks and improve efficiency of your local and international operations in Slovakia and across the region.

Our tax compliance services revolve around the Slovak corporate income tax (CIT), value added tax (VAT), personal income tax (PIT) and social security, local taxes, withholding taxes, motor vehicle tax, excise taxes and custom duties.

Market entry support: Book your free 1 hour expert call now

We have years of experience in supporting businesses to grow in Slovakia. If you are a well-established company we offer you a free consultancy, that includes:

  • Brief analysis of your needs based on the information provided
  • Country-specific aspects that may be important to your investment
  • Basics of local tax, accounting and legal rules in Slovakia

Tax registrations

  • Ensuring the registration process in Slovakia with local authorities
  • Registration for CIT, VAT and VAT refunds, including other taxes in Slovakia
  • Assistance with any inquiries from the Slovak tax offices and dispute resolution
Tax guideline for Slovakia

Learn about corporate and personal income taxes, social security and labour law aspects, value-added tax and other fiscal obligations.

Tax compliance and filings

VAT overview for Slovakia

Find out more about VAT rates, registration of taxable persons, VAT return filing, VAT refund and penalties.

Tax advisory and transactions

  • International tax advisory
  • One-hour session with the IFRS expert, incl. the written expert opinion 
  • Tax advisory on accounting
  • Personal income tax, non-resident and global mobility services
  • Transfer pricing services and local representation
  • Transactions services, M&A tax and legal structuring
  • In-depth analysis of the tax treatment of the transactions carried out by the company
  • Due diligence: financial, tax and legal
  • Professional tax, accounting and financial trainings

Personal income tax

Our inhouse team of experienced tax professionals is ready to provide the required consultancy support when dealing with more complex tax, social security or foreign assignment matters – in compliance with the Slovak tax law and best practices of the market.

  • Individual planning, definition of suitable payroll and tax schemes for both Slovak residents and non-residents
  • Filing of Slovak personal income tax returns and compliance
  • Filing of other statutory reporting obligations for social security, health insurance and other
  • Representation in communication with the Slovak tax offices, social security and health insurance companies, and other authorities
  • Non-resident tax and full-range global mobility services for non-residents

VAT services

Stay compliant with all Slovak VAT laws, manage your local and cross-border VAT obligations easily. Let us path your way to immaculate VAT compliance with the support of our tax experts:

  • VAT registration in Slovakia
  • Obtaining a non-resident VAT number
  • Communication with Slovak tax authorities on your behalf
  • Filing of Slovak VAT returns to meet all your statutory requirements
  • Efficient and smooth VAT recovery and refund
  • Representation and dispute resolution during tax controls
  • Additional filing of European VAT reporting, such as Intrastat or EC Sales Lists

Non-resident and global mobility services

Our experienced Slovak tax team, backed up by a strong international network, will guide you through the complex agenda of cross-border mobility of employees and expatriates, that requires the deep knowledge of local and international legislation in the areas of individual taxation, social security, payroll, labour law, as well as best practices when it comes to providing the necessary administrative work to ensure compliance .

Review the expatriate tax program of your company should provide answers to the following questions: are you fully compliant with statutory requirements on individual tax, social security and local payroll reporting? Does it mitigate the risk of being exposed to inspections by the local authority?

Our experts will help you to address the following international assignment issues:

  • Creation of the tax-efficient employment structures for non-residents
  • Evaluation of the tax filing requirements of the home country and the foreign country
  • Implications related to a permanent establishment in Slovakia, including the reporting obligations
  • Social security and health insurance statutory requirements applicable to expatriates
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns for non-residents in Slovakia
  • Payroll calculation and HR administration services for expatriates in Slovakia
  • Other administrative services, such as registration and dealing with the Slovak tax authorities
  • Representation in communication with the Slovak tax offices and other authorities
Expat tax guide for Slovakia

Employing foreigners or posting employees? Check out our guide on cross-border employment and see what conditions you have to fulfil when it comes to tax residency, PIT, social security, health insurance and more.

Advisory online portal

Our Advisory portal developed inhouse provides an effective communication and document exchange channel – and thus improves your user experience with our advisory services. The portal allows specific managers and selected employees to access relevant information by our user-friendly interface. Your company will effectively consolidate all data, documents and other information in one secure location, while access is granted through varying access rights.

By using our Advisory online portal, you can easily access:

  • Document exchange and archive
  • Customized workflows and approvals
  • Online tax and legal forms – personal income tax, monthly motor vehicle tax

The Advisory portal can be utilized for all advisory services and any type of project – ranging from tax compliance and legal support to consultancy for specific projects such as mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, due diligence or transfer pricing.

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