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ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) reporting in Slovakia signifies a company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The move towards obligatory ESG reporting in Slovakia is driven by both legal requirements and expectations of the society, highlighting the crucial role of transparency and ethical behaviour across various industries. While currently, it is obligatory for larger corporations and certain sectors in specific regions, this mirrors a worldwide shift towards emphasising corporate responsibility.

Although, ESG reporting in Slovakia is not yet obligatory for the majority of businesses companies, opting for voluntary reporting offers numerous advantages. Primarily, it demonstrates a proactive approach towards running a business sustainably and ethically.

Voluntary ESG reporting in Slovakia: A strategic move for your business

By opting for voluntary ESG reporting in Slovakia, your company positions itself as a pioneer in corporate responsibility. Early integration of ESG principles not only provides competitive advantages but also strategic benefits, enhancing your company’s reputation and meeting the evolving expectations of stakeholders, customers and business partners. This forward-looking approach contributes to long-term business success and societal well-being, showcasing your commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Benefits of ESG reporting in Slovakia

Strengthen relations with stakeholders in Slovakia

Building and nurturing relationships with stakeholders in Slovakia is increasingly crucial. ESG reporting is gaining prominence among Slovak customers, suppliers, financial institutions, and potential employees, all of whom are placing greater emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance aspects of businesses. Notably, banks are now commonly requesting ESG reports or carbon footprint assessments from their clients and suppliers. As more companies begin to prepare these reports, the demand from business partners is expected to grow even further.

Moreover, an ESG report serves as a comprehensive compilation of all the relevant information in a single document, streamlining the communication of sustainability and social responsibility effort. This not only facilitates effective engagement but also nurtures strong relationships with stakeholders.

Gain a competitive advantage in Slovakia

In Slovakia, gaining a competitive advantage goes beyond mere regulatory compliance, it hinges on ESG as a crucial element of differentiation. Today, clients are actively seeking partners who showcase a firm commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By presenting an ESG report, you transparently underscore your dedication to effecting positive environmental change and exceeding minimum standards.

Make your business future-proof in Slovakia

Considering the ever-evolving landscape of laws and regulations, it is expected that ESG requirements will soon extend to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By strategically incorporating ESG considerations into your planning process, you position your business to effortlessly adjust to evolving demands and stay ahead of the emerging trends in non-financial corporate reporting.

STAND out in the crowd with voluntary esg reporting

See how these 9 transformative benefits of voluntary ESG reporting can give your business a competitive advantage.

How can we assist you

Our team of Slovak experts are prepared to create an ESG report tailored to your business, in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our approach focuses on developing transparent, concise reports handed over in an easy-to-read format that reflects your brand’s identity and design preferences. In addition to providing ESG reporting in Slovakia, we offer supplementary consulting for employee development and environmental conservation strategies.

As an example, our unique tool for analysing company vitality and social environment can assess employee satisfaction and attitudes toward the company, its culture, and colleagues. This information can seamlessly integrate into your ESG report, informing employee-related initiatives and activities.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes specialized offerings to address your ESG requirements:

  • Development of comprehensive ESG reports compliant with CSRD.
  • Consultation with our experts to define and achieve your ESG objectives.
  • Analysis of company vitality and social environment, coupled with employee satisfaction consultation.
  • Thorough carbon footprint analysis to improve your environmental footprint.
  • Guidance and support in environmental management.
  • Legal consulting focused on effective company governance and compliance.

Are you ready to elevate your business with ESG reporting in Slovakia? Contact us today to discover how we can support you in building a sustainable and responsible future.