IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia

With a rapid growth of global corporations and business transactions, it is becoming increasingly important to introduce and follow IFRS. Not only it helps to benchmark your organization against competitors and unify your reporting language across subsidiaries internationally, but they also provide a transparent picture of your financial operations to potential investors.

We offer comprehensive IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia, ranging from the audit of your current accounting practices and development of new accounting procedures, further to the analysis of possible reporting alternatives under IFRS and their impact on your company’s key performance indicators and financial reporting.

Whether you are interested in professional consultancy on employee benefits, income, leasing, value adjustments or financial instruments, our experienced consultants will advise the right solutions to match your current business needs or strategic future plans.

Starting with IFRS conversion in Slovakia

Have you discovered that your company is qualified for IFRS reporting? We will help you set up correct accounting procedures, such as:

  • One-hour session with the IFRS expert, incl. the written expert opinion 
  • Preparation of the first financial statements
  • Set-up of new accounting practices and methods
  • Preparation of internal guidelines
  • Identification and calculation of the difference between IFRS and SAS
  • Consultancy on mandatory and voluntary exemptions to the retroactive approach for transition of accounting
IFRS obligations: When are they applicable to my business?

Navigating through extensive guidelines may be challenging, therefore we provide a quick overview of your possible obligations.

Adopting new IFRS Standards in Slovakia

Whether you need help with setting up the new standards that are in effect, such as IFRS 15, IFRS 16, IFRS 9, or you are affected by a new standard due to your recent business transaction, our IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia provide you with an independent view on the most effective way to adopt the new standards covering:

  • Assistance with implementation of a new standard
  • Set-up of appropriate reporting
  • Disclosure of the impact of the new standard
  • Review of the current settings
  • Assessment of the current contracts in relation to the new standard
  • Development of accounting policies in relation to the new standard
  • Set-up of the new accounting processes, reporting and disclosures
  • Audit assistance
First-time Adoption of IFRS

New to IFRS? Read about our useful overview on how to approach it and what your financial statements should contain.

Book your one-on-one call about IFRS now!

Access our eShop and view our IFRS consultant’s calendar directly to book the date and time that fits you. You can expect a one-on-one expert talk guiding you through the basic rules and legislation updates, helping you to find the way through your specific situation, advising on IFRS conversion applicable to your organization – or at least giving you a second opinion on your actual case.

Preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements

While you might not need complex IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia, we could prepare any financial statement in accordance with IFRS for you to save you time and resources. Our professionals are always up to date with the current standards and can ensure that your financial statements are consistent, transparent and compliant.

Specific management reporting under IFRS

Whether you are implementing a new accounting system or just streamlining the current processes to improve the quality of your outputs, we can help you with:

  • Advice on implementation of new accounting system and reporting settings
  • Reporting automation
  • Set-up of a chart of accounts, accounting policies
  • Set-up of reporting for parent company due to differences between IFRS and SAS

IFRS for acquisition or restructuring

The conditions of the market frequently change, and organizations often adjust their structures to increase or maintain their business value. IFRS has a set of specific rules for restructuring activities and organizational changes that we can help you navigate and comply with in your interim financial statements.

IFRS trainings and webinars in Slovakia

We understand that transition to IFRS can be challenging for your organization as the standards can be unclear and too complex to interpret and apply for new users. Therefore, as part of our IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia, we offer customized employee trainings to either foster basic understanding of IFRS and IAS or to train your specialists on the latest amendments to the standards. Our trainings can be fully customized to meet to your needs and provide the best learning experience for your team.

Expert IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia – and across the globe

With a presence in over 50 locations, we provide seamless IFRS consultancy and services in Slovakia and also in many other jurisdictions. Leveraging the latest technology and our vast expertise, we engage local experts who understand the market specifics, ensuring full compliance everywhere. Our services guarantee accuracy and efficiency, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each region. With our extensive experience, innovative solutions and single-point-of-contact for easy process management, we offer seamless support for your financial operations globally, ensuring you remain compliant and informed in all locations. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you and to learn more about our global IFRS consultancy and services.