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People of Accace: It’s a twist of fate that I’m doing taxes today | weBlog

February 23, 2024
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In our #PeopleOfAccace series, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Accace through interviews. You will learn how new services or solutions are created with us, who has been at Accace the longest and what positions they have gone through over the years, but above all you will get to know our amazing people. In the current interview we talked with our Senior Tax Consultant Tomáš Ptáček.

You have been at Accace for 7 years. Do you remember your beginnings?

Yes, it is a bit of a twist of fate that I am dealing with taxes today. I didn’t study taxes, nor did I know much about the profession. However, I always knew that I definitely wanted to devote myself to economics or finance in some form. It wasn’t until I came into contact with taxes during my university job that I began to perceive it as quite an interesting and promising job and I decided to try it in this direction. I had never heard about Accace at all, but at the time when I decided to work in this field, the company was looking for a junior. Well, I enjoyed my work from the beginning, I saw the opportunity to constantly improve and progress, which is basically still true and that´s why I am still here today.

What are your current responsibilities regarding taxes at Accace?

I have several specific clients assigned to me and the goal is to take care of them comprehensively, whether it is the preparing tax returns or providing tax advice when clients approach us. In addition to regular agenda and consultancy, I also deal with tax audits, due diligence, or vehicle tax, for which I am responsible within our department.

What do you enjoy the most about taxes and what would you like to dive into in the future?

I enjoy the diversity of my work, and the fact that there are so many laws, rules, and information, and they keep changing, makes it a constant challenge to know as much as possible. The more experience I gain or the deeper I dive into a certain issue, the more I discover something new that I haven’t mastered yet. I also enjoy that it’s not just about tax laws but extends into other areas, and one must maintain a general overview of matters that may impact our clients’ businesses. In the future, I would like to focus on expanding my knowledge in corporate finance, learning to analyse and evaluate various financial indicators and accounting data that we work with, as I see it as an important part of our work.

How do you spend your free time?

I like sports and generally prefer active relaxation and ideally somewhere in nature. At the moment, it is e.g., running, football, hiking or just ordinary walks in the forest, during which I relax mentally and clear my head. But I can also indulge in doing nothing and just watch Netflix or play Xbox. In addition, I try to travel as much as possible and get to know the countries where I travel. I enjoy studying about the places I am going to visit, planning trips, creating itineraries, etc.

What do few people know about you (yet)?

Perhaps, the fact, that I’m passionate about food and everything connected to it. It’s not just about enjoying meals or cooking but I also watch various documentaries and read about food. I have favourite food bloggers and each of my trips or vacations turns into a gastronomic adventure. Recently, I discovered the magic of fermentation and started making my own Kimchi at home.

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