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2024 Tax burden calculator for Poland

March 4, 2024

Entrepreneur, check which form of taxation will be most tax efficient for you. Our tax burden calculator for Poland allows you to estimate and compare tax burdens in various forms of taxation.

Important remarks and assumptions regarding our tax burden calculator for Poland

  • For the purposes of the calculation, please indicate the income not reduced by the social security contributions deductible for tax purposes
  • In the case of taxation according to the tax scale, the tax-free amount of PLN 30,000 was applied and the second tax threshold of 32% was applied to income above PLN 120,000
  • In the calculation health insurance contribution is being calculated and deducted in the following ways depending on the form of taxation:
MethodWay of calculationDeductibility
Flat tax4.9% of income but not less than minimum contributionFrom the tax base up to PLN 11.6K
Lump sum on recorded revenuesRate depends on the level of revenues:


< PLN 60K 9% of 60% of average remuneration from 4Q23

>PLN 60K and < PLN 300K 9% of 100% of average remuneration from 4Q23

>PLN 300K 9% of 180% of average remuneration from 4Q23

From the tax base 50% of paid health insurance contribution
Tax scale9% of income but not less than minimum contributionLack of deductibility
  • Basis for the calculation of minimum health insurance contribution is minimum wage from January until June 2024 (PLN 4,242)
  • The calculator does not include the solidarity levy
  • For the purposes of calculating ZUS contributions, the minimum basis (60%) of social insurance, health and non-insurance contributions was used

Which form of taxation will be the most efficient for you?


Our calculator has been set for simulation purposes only and might not include all factors that determine the end salary, according to the Polish laws.

Accace is not responsible for any person’s or entity’s decisions taken based on the results of the calculator. Before taking any action, we recommend you consult a tax specialist.

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