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People of Accace: What I enjoy the most about my work is its diversity | weBlog

March 7, 2024
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In our #PeopleOfAccace series, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Accace through interviews. You will learn how new services or solutions are created with us, who has been at Accace the longest and what positions they have gone through over the years, but above all you will get to know our amazing people.

In the current interview we talked with Simona Klučiarová from our law firm Accace Legal.

What areas of law do you focus on at Accace Legal?

Currently, I mainly deal with labour, commercial and IT law, which offer such a wide range of cases. Thanks to that I can avoid stereotypes, which is important for me at work. In addition, I am also focusing on the protection of personal data, which is inevitably linked to these areas. Although, many consider it as necessary evil in today’s world, when business already operates largely online and it is easy to misuse other people’s data, I am glad that more emphasis is placed on this area in legislation.

Why did you choose advocacy? What do you enjoy most about this?

The truth is, I’ve never tried another legal profession. I have been working in advocacy since my university studies when I found a part-time job in my first law firm and stayed there after graduation. At that time, I mainly dealt with criminal and family law cases, so I came into personal contact with people and their life stories. I still remember what my first boss, who has advocacy in his blood, told me. He said that our work is not a job, but a mission, and we are here to help people in areas they can’t help themselves. I liked it so much that even if, of course, there were doubts as to whether I had made the right choice, I have always managed to overcome them so far. I simply love my job and what I enjoy most about it is its diversity. Thanks to the fact that we have clients doing business in various areas from the IT sector, through production to leasing services, I can devote myself practically every day to something different and not fall into a routine.

Do you remember an interesting case that you handled for a client and where you learned the most?

I remember one that really gave me a lot. It was medialised case concerning a well-known hotel in Bratislava. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this case so far. This case tested me not only on the legal side, when I had to deal with everything from urgent measures and lawsuits, through the registry agenda to criminal reports, but it also taught me hard discipline and time management, which was necessary at that time to catch everything, because we worked under great time pressure.

What case/assignment would you like to handle in the future?

I’ve met a lot of amazing people from the startup community lately. People with incredible ideas, visions, and determination to leave their mark in a world, where it’s so easy to get lost among the average. We started working together on their ambitious projects, and I would be happy if I could legally accompany them to a successful and financially valuable exit.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a passionate reader, so I spend most of my free time reading books. I have nowhere to put them anymore and I have to resort to eBooks, which is quite a shame. One of my big dreams is to have an entire room at home reserved just for them. However, I also like to go to knowledge quizzes with my friends. I fell in love with them as a child, thanks to my grandfather, with whom we watched them on TV. He used to joke that one day he would see me on TV, too. That didn’t come true, but I love them deeply. Anyone who has experienced me on one knows, how competitive and excited I am when I know the right answer.

What do few people (yet) know about you?

I’m a big fan of fantasy. In addition to books, movies, and games, you would also find such things as Hermione’s time-turner or Sauron’s big ring at my house, and that’s not all. This hobby of mine also led me to archery, which I also do competitively, and I have quite a decent collection of trophies from it.

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