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Payroll self-service portal – keeping your employees engaged | weBlog

January 14, 2021

Access to emerging technology solutions ranks among the most important expectations imposed on BPO and payroll outsourcing service providers in addition to lower costs, standardization of processes and consistent service delivery. The usage of technology is directly linked to better customer experience, but in the field of payroll outsourcing, this elevated experience must be provided to both employees and HR teams.

Online solutions instead of on-premise systems

The challenge of the services related to payroll and HR outsourcing is to offer a self-service portal for employees and HR teams, as a complementary part of the delivery. In general, the motivation for switching to a cloud portal solutions is driven not only by the companies’ desire to replace the traditional and inflexible on-premise systems, but also by the employees’ increasing inclination (if not straightforward preference) to communicate and interact virtually.

More freedom, transparency and control over own tasks

Usually, the basic package of the employee portal offers an electronic management of payslips, access to HR documents and archive, document exchange channel, workflows, tasks management and inquiry handling.

The self-service offers the freedom to employees to manage various tasks on their own, without the need to ask their payroll or HR team for assistance. Among others, the most appreciated functions of the portal are the following:

24/7 online availability of the portal from all devices

Organized archive of all payslips, contracts and other HR documents

Better tasks management over clear workflows with notification alerts

User-friendly and customized interface

Payroll inquiry handling with easy to track communication

Secure environment for the sharing of payslips and other sensitive information

Functionality to handle vacations, sick days or other requests for time-off

Multi-country payroll unified under one platform

The implementation of a single cloud platform for employees with unified features gains even more importance for HRM teams in case of a multi-country service delivery.  It helps to achieve a highly effective payroll service delivery system by the means of:

  • Unified interface and streamlined processes across multiple countries
  • Platform with top security and compliance with GDPR
  • Effective collection of data from various local systems and their secure transfer
  • Accurate and on-time delivery of input information for payroll processing
  • Highly trackable workflows and tasks
  • Effective process management through unified payroll schedules and calendars
  • Transparent communication channel between employees and payroll teams
  • Collection and consolidation of data from local systems for a unified reporting, both for the local and international HR management
  • Connectivity to other systems used in the company

Unlimited possibilities for module integration

The usage of the employee self-service portal goes far beyond the management of payslips and documents only. Other commonly used functions are the time and attendance management, benefits-related administration, settlement of business travels, evaluation process of employees, process management of on-boarding and leaving, administration of trainings and much more.

The highly transparent, trackable and measurable system for virtual interaction with employees also requires a very well-functioning evaluation system for measuring quality and satisfaction, aiming for the constant improvement of customer experience and redefining the service delivery of payroll outsourcing.

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