Labour law consulting

With no exceptions, the labour law and employment legislation is a complex framework in any country, representing a compliance challenge to every company. While it may feel like changes and amendments to the law are happening almost on a daily basis, it is extremely exhausting to keep on top and navigate through the complexities without a proper labour law consulting partner by your side – especially for international employers.

Therefore, having access to an experienced in-country team of legal experts will not only unburden you from a resource-demanding agenda but, most importantly, it will keep you safe and minimize all your non-compliance risks. It will also help you to maintain the sensitive balance of rights and obligations between you as an employer and your employees.

Learn more about our labour law consulting and related services

As an integral part of our payroll and HR administration services, we offer a comprehensive labour law consulting and related support provided by our dedicated legal advisors. They are ready to help your HR teams to address the following matters related to employment relationships and labour law issues:

  • Design and implementation of internal HR processes: Development of guidelines, policies and procedures, preparation of a standard set of templates
  • Preparation of employment contractual documentation: Such as contracts and amendments, job descriptions, termination agreements, liability for damage and material responsibility agreements, preparation of agreements on employee posting and others, fully in compliance with legal requirements and best practices applicable in your country
  • Resolution of various employment related matters: Such as working time and shifts, employment termination including mass layoff, working conditions, annual leave, parental leave, health and safety at work, employee benefits and other areas
  • Consultancy related to GDPR: Elaboration of all statutory documentation as well as any specific supportive documentation based on your internal rules and needs

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